n e a t b u d

Our Philosophy

Technology and science continues to evolve which has meant that using natural and organic products doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Our products are potent, and deliver outstanding results while being free of sulfates, petrochemical-derivatives and synthetics.

Our Farmers

We work with a group of biodynamic farmers who say that biodynamic farming is a more sustainable and holistic way to farm.

For the past 12 years they have been developing specific extraction techniques which catch the olfactive particles of plants.

The results are weightier alcohol and ultrasonic extractions which are called “eco-extractions”.  Plus it is healthier for the environment.

When it comes to the use of essential oils, purity is critical. Many essential oils are traded through distributors who weaken them to lower their costs with substances that “boost” or “extend” the fragrant properties of the oils. Diluted or compromised oils can cause short term side effects such as rashes and other skin irritations, and do not deliver the intended results.
We work directly with our farmers and distillers validating the integrity of the product to guarantee purity and safety to our clients.

ECOCERT validates that plants and distillation processes are certified organic with no herbicides, pesticides or harsh chemicals